Living Kingdoms


Testing Rohstoffsystem Prototyp #1

Erster Test eines Rohstofsystems mit Bäumen, die gefällt werden können. Noch ganz rudimentär ohne Animation oder Effekte.

Testing Map "Falkenbruch" Prototyp #1

Hier seht ihr einen ersten Blockout eines Hafenviertels für eine unserer Maps.

Blockout #1 einer Barracke

Hier kommen die gekauften Assets das erste mal zum Einsatz um zu schauen wie sie zusammenpassen und auf Licht und Schatten reagieren.

Test #2 Day/Night Cycle

Weitere Tests für Tag-Nacht-Wechsel später dann im Spiel.

Test #1 Day/Night Cycle

Ein kleiner Test für Tag-Nacht-Wechsel später dann im Spiel.


    Changelog updated


    We now list the newest Changelog entry at first followed by the older ones.

    Living Kingdoms v0.0.1


    User Interface:

    • Now you can create Savegames.
    • We created a new widget to list all savegames.
      • You can select a savegame from the list and then click on the load button to load it.
    • In the Options you can now change your Graphic Settings and save them.

    Save System:

    • We seperated the save files into 3 categories.
      • ProfileSettings - Graphic-, Sound- and Keyboard-Settings
      • UserGameData - Player World Position, Inventory, Experience (Level) and so on
      • MapData - each Map will have a seperate Savegamefile which stores the Structureitems which were built by the players and other stuff
    • Actual the Save System saves the following stuff:
      • Player World Position
      • Structure Items which were built by the player


    • Widget from Buildmenu doesn´t close/hide correctly

    Living Kingdoms v0.0.1


    the first map


    • added the first game map for the tutorial with a lot of new assets


    • Buildsystem:
      • new wood structures
      • stone structures
    • Crafting:
      • Smith:
        • Anvil level 1
        • Anvil level 2
        • Anvil level 3
      • Alchemist:
        • some powders (red, blue, yellow, green)
    • Container:
      • a crate
      • a barrel
    • Props:
      • 3 different Market carts
      • a market hut
        • a table for the market hut
        • a little wood box for goods to sell
      • Tanner station
      • Fireplace
      • Wood pile
      • Wood planks
      • Stone pile
      • crane for the docks

    User Interface:

    • created a new mainmenu which contains:
      • Create game
        • choose numbers of max players
        • choose type of network
      • Search game
        • a server lobby
          • this lobby only works with LAN games at the moment
      • Quit
    • created a ingame mainmenu which contains:
      • Save game (still without any functionality)
      • Options (still without any functionality)
      • Cancel
      • Quit


    • Buildmenu can not be reopened after it is closed once

    Living Kingdoms v0.0.1

    Fixed Bugs:

    • Game Crash while starting to build (select) a foundation at the buildmenü